Wounded souls

You see a side of me 

That no one else can 

You understand me completely 

And accept me as I am 

I hope you are the one 

The one I was looking for 

I hope you let me in 

Because I know that you haven’t yet

I know this because we are the same 

We both sway back and forth 

Wounded souls once abandoned 

This is who we are


Image source http://coltre.tumblr.com

14 thoughts on “Wounded souls

  1. like the lines, “we both sway back and forth/wounded souls once abandoned.” reminds me of the song by labrinth & emeli sande “beneath your beautiful.” nice post. on the fourth line i think you meant to write “accept” not “except”. nice post. love the candor and emotions it expresses. knowing who we are helps us make others understand and love us.

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