My lifeline 

I am not scared of your stolen power

I can see through you any hour

I was left in broken pieces 

That you picked up with your hands 

Pieces that you fit back in 

That blended with your own 

Now I can feel your pain 

As you ease my strain

You have become my lifeline 

You have become my sun 

These pieces now make us whole 

These pieces make us one 


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I have tied the score 

I am just a shadow of who I used to be

I have changed into someone else 

Someone stronger than I was before 

Because there are things worth fighting for 

I see past the pleasantries 

I see through you all 

Shattered pieces of my past 

That I have fought to surpass 

I am stronger now than I ever was before 

I am winning the battle 

I have tied the score 

We will see who wins tomorrow 

But I have won today 


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Everyone experiences suffering in their own way 
You can either be strengthened or weakened by it 

Perspective is key 

Recurring dream 

I want to be your recurring dream

The one thing you cannot resist 

I want to scream your name 

To feel the words slip from my lips 

I want to be your obsession 

The only thing you fight for 

The only thing you want 

I want to feel every part of you 

I want to feel your fingers as they slip through mine 

I want to stay in this moment

To capture this place, this time 

I want you to see me as I am 

Naked and exposed, yet free

I give you all that is left of me 

All I want 

I cannot rest 

Without your arms 

Wrapped around me 

I want to feel your skin

To feed this addiction 

Growing within 

Everything else 

Has faded away 

All I want 

All I need 

Is you 

See past the grey

Sometimes you may find

Moments of clarity

They take away the disparity

They take away the pain

Cherish these moments

Cherish what you see

When you see past the grey

It will show you

Where you really want to be

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In the end 

Your past becomes a fog within you 

Underneath the skin 

I have become such a damaged thing 

Like a bird with a broken wing

I walk this world alone 

Broken but yet I move 

The only thing that drives me 

This broken busted thing 

Is that I refuse to give up

I refuse to let you fuckers win 

Bring the lies and the pain 

Give me all you’ve got 

I can take it all you mother fuckers

In the end I will still be standing 

In the end I will still be here 

In the end I am the one 

You are going to fucking fear 


All that is left of me 

And hell will follow me

Wherever I go

Such is this life

This I just know

I will race ahead

Leave it behind

But if I stumble

If it catches me

Darkness is nothing

Compared to this agony

It will follow

But I will not look back

I will not stumble

I will stay on track

I have no choice

I used my voice

There is no turning around

Just each step forward

As I push from the ground

Look ahead not behind you

Or fear will blind you

If you love me you will see

All I ever was, and all that is left of me

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Pretty lies

The pretty lies 

The ugly truth

Took away my faith in you 

The pretty lies 

The ugly truth 

Took away my love for you