I want to be free

I want to enter the world of my dreams

I want to find the peace that I seek

I want to feel my mind, my body, and my soul at rest

I want to escape the pain that haunts me

I want to be loved for all that I am

My happiness, my sorrow, my good days and the bad

I want someone to see past the damage

And still love me just as much

I want someone to see past the darkness

And still long for my touch

I want these things, but most of all

I want to be free 


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Stand with me

Stand with me as the towers fall around us

Stand with me when there is nothing left

Stand with me against the masses

Stand with me with no regret



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Struck down

A storm is coming 

I can feel the thunder as it roars

I can feel my heart beat pound in my chest 

As the lightning strikes the ground 

The rain starts to pour down 

Covered in water with my arms toward the sky 

I ask to be struck down 

Please just let me die 



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My today and my tomorrow

I look at her and feel love bloom in my chest

She is all I will ever need, all I will ever want

With her hand in mine my soul is at rest

With her eyes on me nothing else matters

With her smile I see the sunshine

When she looks at me I know she is mine

She will be my today and my tomorrow

I will wipe away her tears and take away her sorrow

Come with me my love and you will see

What it feels like to be adored by me



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Same shade of crazy 

I want you to look at me like I am the center of your world

I want you to dream, think, and want only me 

Because I am selfish

Because I am not sane 

Because I move with emotion and no logical thought 

Why do I think and do the things that I do 

Because I am the same shade of crazy as you


Image Source: http://coltre.tumblr.com

St. Patrick’s Cathedral NY

Can you fix the broken 

Can you fix the broken

Can you heal my heart

Can you find a way

To hit rewind – then delete and replay

I survive that is what I do

I am a survivor, so that is what I do best

Life is never easy, but I take each challenge as it comes

I don’t care what I have to face, or if I will ever get to rest

Keep throwing shit at me

I will keep deflecting it

Someday you will see

That you will never beat me

You may wear me down

You may make me sad

Some days you may feel like you are crushing my soul

Some days you take away my control

But I never fail to fight you back

You may derail me and cause me pain

But I am the one with so much to gain

You give me more strength everyday

By making me continue to fight you

I will never stop, I will never surrender, I will live through you

Because I will survive

That is what I do



As the rocks crumple

As the rocks crumple beneath my feet

As the sun sets

I try to keep the darkness out of my head

But he always finds a way in

Like a serpent he latches on and then burrows within

No matter what I say or do

He never gives up, he always breaks through

Once again I have accepted my darkness as part of who I have become

Maybe I am better off embracing him now

Better off then I was when I was running away from where I come from


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