The Dark Side

There is another side to me

One that you cannot see

A side that is part of the dark side of my soul

The side that wants to take risk without shame

The side that wants to run in the dark

The side that wants to dance in the rain

The side that is outside of the norm

The side that doesn’t want to conform


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23 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. I very much enjoyed your poem. Your words make me want to step outside and dance in the rain, walk a few steps in the darkness, and gain the strength to take a few risks, like I did when I was young, and would run through fields of wildflowers without fear or worry of the consequences. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Isn’t it glorious how poetry allows us to express ourselves while reaching out to touch the soul of others? 😊

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  2. Beautiful poem, I’ve written poems like this, confronting, tackling, letting the other side take home, even one of the other side’s parallel but opposed nature to ‘my’ own caused great confusion.

    Great poem, the words speak more than could otherwise be explained!

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  3. Do as you desire to do. That isn’t a side, it is a piece of who you are. Learn it. Act on it when the dangers can be accounted for. We are whole beings. It’s easy to say “that’s just a side of me”. We can be more than a single thing at a time. Be the complete you. Sounds new age or motivational speaker, but it is true.

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