Sunset from the street

Do not fall

I sit and listen to the sound of my heart beating

I feel my mind retreating

Falling back into that dark place

Don’t look behind you

Just keep looking ahead

Don’t remember any of the words he said

In the end all you have is you

No one else has seen what you have

No one else has lived your life

You must push past it all

Do not look back…do not look down… do not fall


About page

I updated my about page again, this time I spent a lot of time trying to truly express what this blog is and what it means to me. To all of you who are always supportive and kind, I truly appreciate you so much. I just want you to know that your encouragement means the world to me.


Through everything I have been through… In this moment I can say I am eternally grateful for music and my cat

The light has dawned again

The light has dawned again

A new day has come

I hate that I am reminded sometimes where I come from

Once again I bring myself out of that dark place

Once again I stand up and look past that face

Leave me alone darkness

I swear you will never win

Stay where you belong… live your own life of sin


I dream of something more

Someone I have searched for…but have not found

I feel incomplete…alone…and bound

I don’t want to stop searching

but I have given up hope

I thought I found you more than once

I thought I found you but I was wrong

So here I sit and feel the pain

I want to find you…my missing piece

I want to be whole

Is there more than one of you…I guess I will never know


The beauty of the rain

I wake up and I fight today

As the rain falls from the sky

I wonder why sometimes sadness grips me

As I wait for you and I…

To find that special place…to find that common ground

In the meantime I listen as the rain falls

I listen to the sound

So peaceful it makes me feel today

The beauty of the rain

It slows my beating heart

It slowly heals the pain

Fu** you 

Wow does it suck when people disappoint you

But you know what’s worse…when your the idiot who continues to let them do it

So today I say fuc* your indifference

Fuc* my idiocy and fuc* you