Walk the path 

If you could hit rewind 

Would you go back in time 

Find a different path 

Make a different decision 

Wouldn’t it be great if we had that control 

To know what path leads us where 

To know where it is safe to step 

To know where the cracks are hidden 

To see ahead 

To know where happiness is 

You cannot change the choices you made 

And you cannot change what others have done 

Still we continue forward 

Still we walk our path toward fate 

6 thoughts on “Walk the path 

  1. Regrets for the ever branching past are inevitable. I take solace in this, the many words theory of multiple realities is the prevailing theory of string theory, quantum and high energy physics. I know, nerdy right? So each decision you have made has resulted in a a new reality where the you of that different choice is living. Other you’s wondering about the path not taken. I find something immensely comforting in that. That separated by the thinnest, tiniest of reality, we are all on this journey together with our selves of the differing choice.

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