What do you do when you come to that crossroad

The big one that takes you here or takes you there

What do you do when your unsure where your life will go

Do you stop and contemplate or jump in without care

Do you make your choice for someone else, or do you just go with the flow

Jump from one foot to the other until you pick the way,

Just hope you pick correctly, or your going to regret it someday.

Shadows of Sadness

Sometimes I feel the sadness as it creeps

It finds a whole in my shell, and slithers through

It sees an imperfection, and into it the darkness seeps

You see for me the sadness follows, it never leaves me alone

For me the sadness shows itself when I hide my face in the dark

For me the shadows enter through the door when I find my way home

Showing me I cannot run from what lingers in my soul

Reminding me that pain will slither in again soon

Reminding me that I cannot run from something that is part of what makes me whole


I find peace in the wilderness

I find peace without sound

I find peace in the color and beauty of the trees

While the wind blows through my hair

While the leaves float from every tree

I feel so calm, I feel so free

I embrace the night

I may never laugh in the sun

I may never cut cookies or become a step-ford wife

I embrace the night

I may never bask in the light

But I will dance in the rain

I embrace the night

As the sun sets the time for peace has come

Because the night is my home

I embrace the night

Let the others have the day while I embrace what comforts me

I would rather drown in true emotion alone in my dark place

I would rather feel

I will remain a lover of the moon and the stars

While others will continue to love their daylight hours


Tick Tock

I find peace in the night

Hearing the sound of the clock

Sitting alone in the candlelight

Letting my thoughts race around in my head

Thinking about the sound of seconds in time

Forgetting most of the things I said

Telling myself that I am fine….

Minutes turn into days

Days turn into years

Tick tock sounds the clock

Tick tock… echo’s the sound of my fears

What makes me drift apart

What makes me drift apart

Is it the things that I see you do

Is it my dysfunction, my blackened heart

Is it because I need more than I ask for

Is it the strain of things you do not see

Is it angry words that build up over time

Is it because of things you’ve done to me

Is it the scar from the burdens I claim as mine

Is it the difference between who you were and who you are

Is it my inner need to be free,

What makes me drift apart is the need to run…and the need to be me


No matter

No matter how far I fall..I will get back up

No matter how hard I’m pushed..I will push back

No matter the distance..I will go farther

No matter how tired I feel..I will not sleep

No matter the challenge..I will face it

No matter what you will not push me down

No matter who you think you are not better

No matter what happens..I won’t stop fighting

No matter what happens.. I will succeed

Love gets taken for granted

Love gets taken for granted

With the passing of time

Love gets taken for granted

When I am yours and you are mine

Love gets taken for granted

When you lose sight of who you are

Love gets taken for granted

And then your love gives you a scar


The power of magnetism

This man has the power of magnetism

Everyone wants to be the center of his focus

When he is near they all feel his strong pull

Women all want to be that special piece of metal

They want to be the piece that sticks

The piece that sticks and doesn’t let go

They are intrigued by his apathy and indifference

Intrigued by the pull they get when he’s near

They want to be the one to win his affections

But his apathy and indifference makes it hard to stick

His huge brick wall is covered and thick

He gives them a few moments of his focus

That’s what draws them to the pull

Then he turns his pull away


Breathe….Just Breathe

Breathe when your getting kicked while your down

Breath when you hate all the things that you do

Breathe while you struggle not to drown

Breath when you feel like your losing your mind

Breathe when the neighbors dog won’t shut up

Breath when your searching for what you cannot find

Breathe when you want to punch through the screen

Breath before you fall apart

Breathe….just Breathe